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What is the history and meaning of Tiki Masks?

Tiki Masks are carved wooden masks that represent deities or gods from the Hawaiian and Polynesian Culture. They are used as home decor and they also serve various purposes such as warding off evil spirits and increasing the owners fertility! They hold such high significance in the Polynesian culture that they, along with other Tiki sculptures, have become defining symbols of the Tiki culture.

Many of the Tiki Masks are designed based on the four main gods. Kane is the god of sunlight, and natural life; Ku is the god of war; Lono is the god of peace, winds, rain, sports and fertility; Kanaloa is the god of the ocean. Each Tiki God holds a different meaning.

Tiki Masks are the perfect conversation pieces to add to any modern home. They are exquisite pieces that have intricate details, making them real works of art. They can also be used to add to the authentic feel of Luaus and other feasts. Tiki Masks are also used as decorative pieces in Hawaiian restaurants and Tiki Bars. Tiki Masks can be used both indoors and outdoors and they can mix beautifully even with modern art pieces. And it's not that difficult to learn more about mask collecting.

Tiki Masks come in various sizes from 8 inches to over 5 feet tall. The complexity and sophistication of the designs do not depend on the size of the Tiki Masks. There are relatively smaller masks that contain magnificent details while there are big masks that feature simple designs. Hand-carved wooden Tiki sculptures are now evaluated and regarded on the same level as other forms of art and sculpture, with the benefit to their owners of being rich with meaning.
There is no questioning the amount of effort put into creating wonderful Tiki statues and Tiki Masks. Authentic Tiki Masks have well thought designs and are carved by expert Tiki artists who are able to combine meaning, function and aesthetic value. Each element in the sculpture adds meaning and value to the piece of art.

Authentic Tiki Masks are carved from hardwoods by expert craftsmen and then finished off with oil, wax or polish. There are also some Tiki Masks that feature color, but the most common design is the traditional stained hard wood sculpture. Because of the materials used and process that the Tiki Masks undergo during their creation, they can last a lifetime.

If you are planning on organizing a Luau or creating a permanent Tiki lounge in your home then it's easy to order authentic Tiki sculptures online to match the tiki theme and the atmosphere you are creating for the party or the lounge. There are so many Tiki Masks to choose from. When choosing a Tiki Mask, choose one that will beautifully match your space and also consider the meanings of the masks so you can get one that will hold significance in your life.

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